The ideal buttocks should be symmetric and rounded, with the greatest projection coming from the upper and middle thirds. In 2006, an extensive anthropometric study specified four main criteria for gluteal aesthetics. 

1. Lateral depression: a hollow on the lateral aspect of each buttock formed in its deepest point by the greater trochanter. 

2. Intragluteal fold: a horizontal crease arising from the median gluteal crease and runs laterally under the ischial tuberosity with a slight upward concavity. 

3. Supragluteal fossettes: two hollows located on either side of the medial sacral crest. They are formed by the posterior superior iliac spine and medially by the multifidus muscle. 

4. V-shaped crease: two line arising in the upper portion 

Gluteal Ptosis 

Gluteal ptosis was defined and classified over five degrees of severity and two factors: the length of the lower gluteal crease and the measurement of posterior gluteal tissue exceeding the crease at the posterior mid-line. 

  1. A) Degree zero: the crease can reach the T-line but not overpass it. 
  2. B) Degree 1: minimal pre-ptosis. The crease passes over T-line but does not reach M-line. 
  3. C) Degree 2: moderate pre-ptosis. The crease leases the M-line. 
  4. D) Degree 3: borderline pre-ptosis. The crease goes beyond the M-line, with no ptotic tissue at M-line. 
  5. E) Degree 4: True ptosis. There is ptosis tissue at M-line. 

Buttock shapes 

  • Square (H Shape) 

Fat is distributed around the upper part of the glutes and the bottom part is heavier. The butt lacks volume on the sides. 

  • Round Shape (O Shape) 

O shapes are known as ‘bubble butts’ and usually show nice bulk in the top part of the butt that is well balanced with the bottom part of the butt. Women with a round shaped bottom have an easier time when giving birth. 

  • Inverted (V Shape) 

As the years pass the level of Oestrogen in the body decreases and is the one hormone responsible for a V-shaped bum. Those with V shaped butts need to add volume at the lower part of the buttocks. 

  • Pear (A Shape) 

The A Shape is the most widely accepted as one of the most feminine and desirable butt shapes. Fat is distributed across the whole bottom and hip sections. 

● Syringe 

● 18g cannula 

● Dermal Filler 

● Antiseptic skin wipes 

● Gauze or cotton wool 

● Gloves 

● Kidney dish 

● Sharps bin 

● Emergency kit