Providing consultations for aesthetic procedures using prescribed products 

It is important to ensure that a full consultation is undertaken prior to any procedure, and the client is aware that: 

➢ The product used requires a prescription, and that the medicine is used off-licence. 

➢ Treatments provided are done on a cosmetic basis only and not on the basis of improving health. 

➢ Clients should seek the advice of their GP if they are seeking a procedure for improving any aspect of their health or quality of life. 

➢ All risks associated with the treatment. 

➢ Treatments must be maintained or kept up to continue to see the results, as well as ongoing costs and outcomes for non-maintenance. 

The client will need to fill in the treatment form prior to the procedure, and sign the key facts to the risks, aftercare and techniques used. 

Before and after photographs must be obtained and kept on record for use at later appointments, in the event of a complication or claim. 

What information should be recorded: 

➢ Clients name, address, contact number and email. 

➢ Clients medical history. 

➢ Signed consent and key facts. 

➢ Before and after images. 

➢ Details of prescriber, date of prescription and batch number of products used. 

➢ Details of the site/area of administration, mix ratio, units/mls injected. 

➢ Date of review.