Indications for buttock contouring 

The main reasons why people request buttock augmentation include: 

● Increase buttock size due to natural genetics 

● Fix irregularities such as dimpling, 

● Lift buttock ptosis caused by ageing, weight loss and illness 

● Fix hip/buttock ratio 

● Increase attractiveness 

● Contour irregularities after liposuction 


● Severe skin laxity or gluteal sagging 

● Pregnancy or breastfeeding 

● Recent alcohol or drug use 

● Blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin 

● Diabetes 

● Keloid Scarring 

● Recent surgery in the last 6 months 

● Previous DVT or Embolism 

● Heart disease 

● Use of medications or herbal supplements that may impair healing 

● Body dysmorphia 

Contra-actions post treatment 

● Temporary swelling 

● Redness 

● Soreness 

● Infection at the site 

● Bruising 

● Cysts 

● Bumps 

● Irregularities or asymmetry