Anything sharp that could pierce or has pierced skin should be put into the correct category sharps disposal. We can give you a hand if you’re not sure what kind of sharps disposal you need. Any of the below should be disposed of in a sharps bin: 

➔ Needles 

➔ Scalpels 

➔ Stitch cutters 

➔ Glass ampoules 

➔ Sharp instruments 

➔ Shards of bone and teeth 

➔ Syringes 

➔ Lancets 

➔ Razor blades 

Your Sharps waste needs to be disposed of in a dedicated sharps bin of a suitable size which we will provide you with as part of your contract. From there it is incinerated. 

If you’re producing hazardous waste, you have a duty of care to ensure that it’s housed and disposed of in the most appropriate way. 

You will need to employ the services of a specialist waste disposal company that will safely remove your sharps boxes when full, along with any other hazardous waste.