1. Puncture a hole into the skin at an area where you can access several areas of the treatment area, and you can use minimal entry points. You can use the length of the cannula to reference where to make the hole. 

2. Prime your cannula with filler before you are ready to insert it into the skin. Insert the tip of the microcannula into the skin at a 60-90-degree angle until the correct depth has been found. 

3. Slide the microcannula into the skin, rotating the skin cannula tangentially to the skin surface using the flexibility of the microcannula. If there is any resistance, go back and forth without force, picking the skin surface up can help the cannula to go deeper. 

4. Inject filler in a retrograde fashion, start injecting while pulling the length of the microcannula in and out of the skin. To change direction, pull the cannula out of the skin almost entirely and then change direction working through the tissue.