1. Undertake a thorough consultation prior to treatment to understand and ensure you can meet the client’s expectations. 

2. Take pre-treatment photographs as a visual records and later comparison. 

3. If you or your client prefer, then you may want to use topical or local anaesthetic to reduce discomfort. 

4. Clean the area with alcohol wipes. 

5. Plan your injection protocol, where you want to add volume and assess the best entry sites. 

6. Prime your cannula, then make an entry point with your needle. When the entry point has been made, insert your cannula into the same entry point and start working your cannula towards your injection point. 

7. Start to apply pressure on the plunger and administer the filler as you slowly pull the cannula back out the skin. Stop injecting just before the needle is about to exit the skin, this prevents the filler from leaking out or being placed too superficially. Change direction of the cannula and work it back up to the injection point and repeat, until the filler syringe has been used. 

8. If you are using a high volume of filler, the cannula can be left in place when you replace the syringe. 

9. Ensure you use and implant the same volumes of filler on each side and at each entry point to ensure symmetry. 

10. Check that both sides of the buttocks are even, and the filler is smooth and lump free under the skin. 

Treatment Aftercare 

● A tight garment must be worn for 48 hours post treatment until the filler settles, longer if there have been significant amounts of filler injected. 

● Avoid hot baths or showers for 48 hours post procedure. 

● Do not exercise for 4 weeks post treatment until the filler settles. 

● Avoid saunas, steam rooms and swimming for 7 days 

● Avoid massaging the area for 4 weeks post procedure 

● Any pain or discomfort in the area can be normal for a few days post procedure, however this should be moderate discomfort. If you experience pain that is uncomfortable, or you feel heat, or a shooting pain please contact us asap. 

● Bruising is normal and may last up to 7-10 days. 

● Asymmetry may be normal post treatment due to swelling this can be addressed after 2 weeks.