Always make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare and set up your work space before the client arrives.

Pre-treatment advice

  • Skin make up free
  • Avoid auto-immune therapy or products 12 hours prior
  • Avoid sun for 24 hours prior

Begin by covering your client with blankets, removing their hair out their face and ensure that a towel is placed at either side of the neck to prevent water running down their neck.

You will start the treatment with a skin analysis

Skin analysis is the part of a facial when the therapist looks at the skin underneath a brightly lit “magnify lamp” to determine the skin type, skin conditions, and the best course of treatment.

How to complete a skin analysis

  • Cleanse the face with a sensitive cleanser and remove makeup
  • Apply Sensitive toner to the skin – allow the dry
  • Focus on the photo images below and pick to which you believe best suits your client.

From here you will pick the suitable choice for continued products

  • Dry skin – shows flaking skin
  • Dry /normal skin – shows neither oil nor flaking skin – smooth
  • Sensitive skin – red or sensitive to touch
  • Oily Skin – will grease on the tissue

Do not rub or massage the face too much at this stage.

Apply a collagen boosting serum to the face with a pipette or a brush, use a needle cartridge of 36 needles at a length of 0.25mm, on the slowest speed setting. The serum is distributed by massage movements.

Movements used during the procedure

  • From the clavicle to the chin
  • On the neck lines are located from the chest to the chin
  • The sides of the neck are massages from the bottom up
  • Strokes from the centre of the chin to the temples
  • From the corners of the lips to the earlobes
  • From the nose to the temples
  • The nose is massaged from the bottom upwards, along the nose bridge upwards and from the bridge to the wings
  • From the centre of the forehead to the temples
  • From the eyebrows to the hairline

The above lines of the face are not straight, they are always slightly curved and stretch upwards. They also coincide with the direction of the main blood and lymphatic ducts.

Small covering of the serum applied is used as a mask on the face and left for 2-3 minites. Then remove with a damp sponge.

BB Glow serum is applied as above using the nano cartridge with a length of 0.5mm and speed of slow. Use circular massage movements, in the eye area the serum is used in one direction from the nose (lower eyelid) and in the opposite direction for the upper eyelid. Serum is distributed using the movements above. On the skin the face is performed 2-3 passes, on the zone around the eyes – 2 passes.

It is recommended to use 1 ampule of serum per person per treatment. Remains of the serum are applied to the face as a mask.

Apply a hydrating mask to the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Led therapy using the red light is used to improve the effect and activate the work of the serums use for 10 minutes then switching to the blue light for 10 minutes. The red light uses a wavelength of 640nm this depth penetrates into the skin at 1.6mm helping to improve cellular metabolism and skin secretions which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The blue light uses a wavelength of 423 nm this depth penetrates into the skin at 1mm which destroys bacteria, leading to significant decrease of inflammation and healing of acne.

Remove the excess product with dry cotton pads, advise your client not to wash there face until the next day.

The results of the treatment will be more noticeable after a couple of treatments. The overall face will tighten, swelling will disappear and the skin colour will become healthy and even, slowing the process of wrinkle.

In order to achieve positive results in the treatment it is necessary to ensure no force is applied when treatment is carried out. The skin does not need to be stretched.

After the course of BB Glow & MTS treatment various cosmetic and laser procedures can be performed after a month.