BB Glow lightens pigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps to even out your clients skin tone. The bb-serum is placed in the epidermis layer and lasts 3-4 months (like a sun tan) Instant results can be seen on the first treatment, however 3 treatments are usually recommended with 2 weeks intervals.

The earliest forms of micro needling were reported by acupuncturists in China, centuries ago. The earliest practice of resurfacing skin with a rotating wheel was in Germany in 1905. In the US, the notion of using a needle began around 1995 by dermatologist brothers in Philadelphia.

They were using a bevel needle to treat scars and wrinkles. They were not aiming to make the skin look better, but rather for sub dermal releases.

The modern era of micro needling, it is defined as using either solid or hollow needles of the appropriate length and diameter to go through the skin epidermis/dermis.